TLINC® Leadership Summit

In January 2013, NCTAF brought TLINC® (Teachers Learning In Networked Communities) partners and teacher preparation experts together for a lively discussion about supporting educator development through the power and tools of professional learning communities. NCTAF’s TLINC Leadership Summit: How the Power of Collaborative Communities Strengthens Teacher Preparation featured leaders in teacher preparation, higher education administration, education technology, and more. The event highlighted NCTAF’s TLINC initiative as a program that supports teacher education candidates with face-to-face and online professional learning communities that encourage student teachers, mentor teachers, and faculty to reflect on their practice, shared goals, progress, challenges, and lessons learned. 

Full video coverage linked to YouTube can be found below, or access our Summit YouTube playlist.


Opening Remarks

 Tom Carroll, President, NCTAF

NCTAF President Tom Carroll discusses the origins of TLINC and the movement towards a collaborative teaching practice and professional culture that supports educator development.


The Power of a Connected Professional Community

James Cibulka, President, The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

Charles Coble, Former Vice President of Policy Studies and Programs at the Education Commission of the States and Founder, The Third Mile Group

Richard Melmer, Dean of the School of Education, University of South Dakota

Panelists discuss the power of a connected professional community in supporting a strong teaching force for the future.


The Tools of a Connected Professional Community

Cheryl Lemke, President and CEO, Metiri Group

Daniel Neal, Founder and CEO, Kajeet

Barbara Treacy, Director, EdTech Leaders Online, Education Development Center

Panelists discuss the various tools that can support collaboration among educators, ongoing professional learning, and the building and maintenance of professional communities.

TLINC Spotlight

Sophie Huntington, Director, Teachers Learning In Networked Communities (TLINC), National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future

Cindy Gutierrez, Director, Urban Community Teacher Education, University of Colorado Denver

Dashaunda Patterson, Project Director, Network for  Enhancing Teacher Quality, Georgia State University

Gwen Williams, Project Coordinator, Network for Enhancing Teacher Quality, Georgia State University

TLINC Director Sophie Huntington joins TLINC participants from various teacher preparation institutions to discuss their respective work in building and supporting professional communities among teacher candidates.


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