Building a 21st Century U.S. Education System

NCTAF Board member Robert Wehling and the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future have published a book that brings together the visionary thinking of some of the nation’s finest education thought leaders and presents a diverse set of strategies and solutions to provide every child with a high-quality, world-class educational opportunity. You can download the full book or individual chapters by clicking on the following links:

Download the full book here.


Bob Wehling, Building a 21st Century U.S. Education System


Voices from the Field

Chapter 1: Rebecca Palacios, Education and Freedom
Chapter 2: Arlene Ackerman, Sustaining School District Success: An Urban Superintendent’s Reflections
Chapter 3: David Hornbeck, The Missing Ingredient in School Reform: A Political Base

Preparing and Supporting 21st Century Teachers

Chapter 4: Thomas G. Carroll, Teaching for the Future
Chapter 5: Arthur E. Wise, Teaching Teams in Professional Development Schools: A 21st Century Paradigm for Organizing America’s Schools and Preparing the Teachers in Them
Chapter 6: Linda Darling-Hammond, Building a System of Powerful Teaching and Learning
Chapter 7: Barbara Kelley, Teacher Recruitment, Preparation, Induction, Retention, and Distribution
Chapter 8: Ken Howey and Nancy Zimpher, Creating P-16 Urban Systemic Partnerships to Address Core Structural Problems in the Educational Pipeline
Chapter 9: Carri Schneider and Ted Zigler, View from the Trenches: Two Practitioners Reflect on the Need for a National System of Educational Leadership Preparation


Political Context of 21st Century Education

Chapter 10: Diane Ravitch, Ensuring Access to a World-Class Education

Chapter 11: Bob Sexton and Jacob Adams, Changing the Dynamics of Educational Governance: Why Improving America’s Schools Requires More than Changing Who’s in Charge
Chapter 12: Jim Hunt, Making Politics Work to Dramatically Improve American Education
Chapter 13: Richard Riley, Charting a New Course in American Education

Education and the Global Economy

Chapter 14: Ed Rust, Education and the Economy
Chapter 15: Kent Seidel, The World is Flat, and U.S. Education has Flat-Lined: Designing an Information Infrastructure to Support a Globally Competitive Educational System

Creating 21st Century Learning Organizations

Chapter 16: Mary Hatwood Futrell, A Nation of Locksmiths: Transforming Our Education System to Guarantee All of America’s Children a Quality Education
Chapter 17: Peggy Siegel, Transforming Education: In Search of a 21st Century Solution
Chapter 18: James Kelly, Looking Back, Thinking Ahead
Chapter 19: Chad Wick, The Meek Shall Inherit the Public Schools:
Who Will Be Left Behind in the Learning Economy?



Bob Wehling, Together We Can