What Matters Now: A New Compact for Teaching & Learning


NCTAF Commission Report Release


What Matters Now: A New Compact for Teaching and Learning (A Call to Action & The Evidence Base) lay out a compelling argument to reorganize schools in ways that support teaching, drive learning, and provide every student with a strong foundation to build a bright future. The Commission believes that our nation is at a moment in time when policy and practice are shifting toward more engaging and relevant teaching and learning for all students.

NCTAF seeks to help educators capitalize on this shift by calling for a new compact with teachers. One that embraces new student learning, new learning environments, new organization of teaching, and a new system to support teaching. We are asking more of teachers, but we’ll also give them the support they need to be successful.

To achieve NCTAF’s new vision of teaching and learning, a systems change is needed, which requires alignment, partnerships, and collaboration across the teaching continuum and by multiple stakeholders. It is our hope that this report will serve as a catalyst for action at the state and local district levels. NCTAF is also poised to work with states to help implement these system changes.

What Matters Now: A New Compact for Teaching and Learning consists of two reports. The first issues a call to collective action, and the second provides a robust online base of research, examples, and case studies to support the call to action.


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