Learning Studios Partner Districts

Howard County (Maryland) Public School System partnered with NASA and NCTAF in 2009 to launch the original pilot Learning Studios in two schools in 2009. Since then, teams at Centennial High School, Hammond High School, Marriotts Ridge High School, and Wilde Lake High School have created projects to investigate a range of issues related to climate change, including satellite mapping, coastal erosion, and changes in the Chesapeake watershed. Two middle schools launched Learning Studio teams in 2011. There are now more than forty Howard County teachers engaged in Learning Studios work in collaboration with NASA scientists and consultants.


PGCPS logo

Prince George’s County (Maryland) Public Schools launched Learning Studios at three schools in 2010. Currently, teams at Bowie High School, Gwynne Park High School, Central High School, DuVal High School, and Walker Mill Middle School work collaboratively with NASA personnel and NCTAF to design and implement projects investigating solar energy, local land use, and climate change.



Supported by Boeing Corporation and the Deerbrook Charitable Trust, Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Public Schools launched Learning Studios at three middle schools in the 2011-2012 school year. Teams at Lindale Middle School, Central Middle School, and Old Mill Middle School South partner with the U.S. Naval Academy to implement projects. This year, the Studios are investigating air travel’s effect on the environment, a topic influenced by the school’s close proximity to a large airport, as well as a year-long study on the Chesapeake Bay watershed.



Alexandria City Public Schools logo

NCTAF has recently launched Learning Studios in Alexandria City (Virginia) Public Schools at the STEM Academy located at the Minnie Howard Campus of T.C. Williams High School.



Baltimore City Public Schools logo

In partnership with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), NCTAF has recently launched Learning Studios in Baltimore City (Maryland) Public Schools at Violetville Elementary/Middle School and Lakeland Elementary/Middle School.


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