Learning Studios

Learning StudiosThough NCTAF is no longer running the Learning Studios program, we have just launched the Learning Studios Toolkit with the support of Carnegie Corporation of New York. The Learning Studios Toolkit provides district curriculum coordinators, instructional coaches, and teacher team leaders with a set of design and evaluation tools, protocols, rubrics, and case studies to guide and monitor the complex, interdisciplinary curriculum and assessment work that the new standards demand.

From 2009-2014, NCTAF conducted the Learning Studios program which brought together teachers from across subject areas into teams focused on designing authentic, project-based STEM learning experiences for students. STEM Learning Studios integrated three strategies – collaborative teacher teams, external STEM partnerships, and project-based learning. Teams of four to six teachers within the same school worked in interdisciplinary, cross-curricular teams with local scientists and engineers to develop, and then implement extended project investigations. Learning Studios improved teacher collaboration and student learning by engaging teams of teachers, students, and STEM professionals in meaningful collaborative project design and implementation.

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