Supporting Great Teaching Initiative

Spurring a National Conversation

Our country has an unprecedented opportunity for change in education. The time is now to rise above the negativity, support our educators, and develop consensus around principles and recommendations that support great teaching. Great teaching is not about one teacher but rather the characteristics that are brought together in an education ecosystem.


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What Matters Now: A New Compact for Teaching & Learning



Coinciding with its 20-year anniversary, NCTAF has launched a collective action initiative to refocus the nation’s attention on the Commission’s original mission: ensuring that every child has access to competent, caring teaching in a school organized for success. Throughout 2015, the Commission is bringing together researchers, educators, policymakers and thought leaders to lend their expertise and collective voice to an action-oriented framework for what great teaching entails and requires: a Blueprint on Supporting Great Teaching that will be released in early 2016. The Commission will be engaged in cycles of investigation and action around issues across the teaching continuum, including equity, teacher recruitment and preparation, professional learning and retention, college and career readiness standards, and accountability. NCTAF’s work will include national and regional convenings, research syntheses, the development of a new collective research agenda, and publications and a national outreach campaign by a collaborative group of credible, respected voices.

Goals for the NCTAF-led Collective Effort

Through these efforts, NCTAF’s primary goals are to:

  • Rally stakeholders around putting the systemic conditions in place to support great teaching in schools.
  • Produce a Blueprint for Supporting Great Teaching report, including a synthesis of research, policy recommendations, and practice recommendations across the teaching continuum.
  • Inject the issues highlighted in NCTAF’s Blueprint into the national conversation around the 2016 elections.
  • Call attention to the federal and state roles in ensuring equity in teaching.
  • Develop a long-term research agenda, identifying the next generation of key questions that needs to be tackled by the research community.

Leading National Change

Over the next three years, NCTAF will be engaged in the following strategic activities:



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