TLINC Highlighted at 2012 Wireless Edtech Conference

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How does access to an anytime, anywhere network of support change a student teacher’s experience as a learner and an educator?  NCTAF’s TLINC initiative explores what happens when student teachers use mobile technology to call upon their networks of support.  The project was emphasized in two presentations at last week’s 2012 Wireless EdTech conference.   Tom Carroll, NCTAF President, presented about the NCTAF TLINC initiative in a session on Building Educator Capacity, where panelists discussed professional development for teachers using technology. Tom discussed TLINC’s role in creating a networked community for pre-service and new teachers, especially during the early years of practice when teachers need the most support as they acclimate to the demands of the profession. Tom asserted that “teachers must become mobile learners” noting that connected communities are an essential part of long term educator engagement.

Michael Flood, Vice President of Education Markets with Kajeet, moderated a session on mobile infrastructure, where he used TLINC as a case study of the use of mobile technology to connect student teachers to anytime, anywhere support. Referring to TLINC as “really pivotal work”, Michael discussed how TLINC models the use of effective technology integration into the student-teaching experience and gives new teachers a strong start by linking them to professional learning communities that blend face-to-face and online collaboration. Kajeet is a key partner in NCTAF’s TLINC project, providing smart phones, tablets, and broadband services to our TLINC university partners that are deployed to participating faculty, student teachers, and district cooperating teachers.

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