NCTAF Awarded a Continuation Grant from Qualcomm for TLINC 2.0 Initiative

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The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future Awarded a Continuation Grant from Qualcomm for the Teachers Learning in Networked Communities 2.0 Initiative

Washington, D.C.— July 9, 2012

The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF) is pleased to announce that its Teachers Learning in Networked Communities 2.0 (TLINC® 2.0) initiative has been awarded a continuation grant from Qualcomm Incorporated, through its Wireless Reach™ initiative. This project, which has worked over the past year to decrease the isolation of new teachers by facilitating communication, collaboration, and the availability of resources for student teachers as they prepare to enter classrooms for the first time, will continue to empower educators with advanced mobile technologies. In the second year, NCTAF will engage new groups of student teachers, university faculty, and the veteran teachers who serve as their mentors.

The second year of funding will allow more extensive integration of mobile technologies into teacher education programs that feature rich K-12 classroom teaching experiences at six universities across the United States: University of New Mexico, University of North Carolina Greensboro, University of Texas at El Paso, University of Colorado Denver, and Georgia State University and its rural partner campus, Albany State University. In the first year, NCTAF delivered 200 wireless mobile devices, donated by HTC and supported by Kajeet for Education, into the hands of student teachers at each university. This second year will leverage lessons learned regarding the necessity of targeted training for educators on how to use mobile devices for professional development.  In addition, insights drawn from project implementation about school policies for mobile device use in class,  the need for wireless infrastructure that will support an environment in which all students and teachers, including those still in training, have their own devices and online access, will inform plans for the second year of TLINC 2.0.

With the generous support from Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative, NCTAF’s TLINC 2.0 builds on more than six years of research and implementation of professional learning communities. NCTAF is working with their collaborators to create centers of excellence in teacher education that embed evidence-based practices about the value of professional learning communities. TLINC is focused on using technology to do teacher preparation differently—to facilitate the induction of new teachers into strong professional communities, whose members are empowered with advanced mobile technologies.

“Providing teachers with the tools they need to succeed in a mobile environment is a top priority for our Wireless Reach initiative,” said Kristin Atkins, senior director of Qualcomm Government Affairs. “We look forward to understanding how wireless devices with 24/7 access can empower educators to build strong communities of learning and how teachers can then bring those teachings into the classroom to ultimately engage students with the latest technology.”

“Wireless devices provide teachers with more reach—to colleagues and resources in their widening professional network.” says NCTAF president, Tom Carroll, Ph.D. “No teacher—especially in his/her first few years in the classroom—should feel disconnected. TLINC 2.0 helps to make this vision a reality by giving teachers a strong start at the beginning of their careers, so they stay in teaching and elevate the profession by sharing with colleagues the wisdom and creativity that comes with experience.”

NCTAF is honored to accept this grant and is eager to continue the work of TLINC 2.0 and share findings with the teacher education and K-12 communities. Going forward, NCTAF will work with university partners as well as local and national media outlets to disseminate the TLINC 2.0 story as it evolves over the next year.

Additional information about NCTAF’s TLINC 1.0 and 2.0 initiatives may be found at


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