New Hampshire students innovate and collaborate in Learning Studios

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How will students access information in schools of the future? How can daily tasks, like washing and drying clothes, become environmentally sustainable? Solutions to these 21st Century are not being developed by large real-world organizations, but by high school students at Nashua’s Academy for Science and Design, a charter school in Nashua, New Hampshire. As part of  NCTAF’s Learning Studios program, junior and senior students investigate modern-day problems that confront their community. In the coming months students and teachers will add community partners to the collaborative process to deepen the authenticity of the students’ work. Social studies teacher Douglass Belley added, “We always want to give students ownership of their education…[Learning Studios] gives them that”.


Click here to read Danielle Curtis’ complete article about Learning Studios in the January 3rd edition of the Nashua Telegraph.


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Laura Coscarelli, Program Manager, facilitates professional development and teacher collaboration for STEM Learning Studios. Laura also manages the NCTAF Learning Studios’ online communities and contributes to outreach and social media efforts.

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