NCTAF President Tom Carroll on Mobile Technology and Education

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Communication Daily's Howard Buskirk, NCTAF's Tom Carroll, Kopernick's Toshi Nakamura, and The New America Foundation's Eric Tyler make up the panel discussion. Photo credit:@CJ_WashDC

Yesterday at The Brookings Institution, NCTAF President Tom Carroll shared his insights on the panel discussion Mobile Technology: A Change Agent in the United States and Across the Globe. The forum was part of the Mobile Economy Project, which examines how the rapid expansion of mobile technology around the world is transforming economic opportunity for millions of people. Dr. Carroll spoke about the educational opportunities that come with advancements in mobile technology such as increased collaboration and real-time data collection. He also shared examples of how educators in the classroom today are using devices to enhance their students’ learning opportunities as “the distinction between teachers and students blur and they become co-learners.”


Click here to learn how NCTAF puts research into action with the TLINC program, linking student teachers, mentor teachers, and faculty via mobile devices.

Click here to watch the archived webcast of the Brookings event and hear Tom Carroll’s full remarks on mobile technology’s impact on education.


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