Statements of Support for NCTAF’s Great Teaching Initiative

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“AACTE is excited to join with NCTAF in launching a collective effort to support great teaching which, of course, begins with great teacher preparation. NCTAF’s support for innovation and collaboration among teacher preparation institutions has been ever present and we look forward to joining them in this promising new initiative.”

Sharon Robinson, President of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education



“We applaud NCTAF seizing this critical time in education to bring new energy and a positive, unified approach to ensure that all students have access to great teaching and deeper learning. CTQ is honored to join this collaborative effort and share innovative ideas that elevate a bold brand of teacher leadership for 21st century teaching and learning. Now is time for our nation’s public schools to create a coherent strategy for accomplished teachers, or as we call them teacherpreneurs, to lead without leaving the classroom, and influence policy and practice at the local, state, and national levels.”

Barnett Berry, President, CTQ



“NCTAF’s Great Teaching Initiative is an extension of the innovative work they have spearheaded over the years. GSU’s College of Education has benefited from NCTAF’s leadership and strategies related to teacher preparation (developing a strong residency model and incorporating technology into the curriculum). We are delighted to be a part of the stakeholder group to share promising practices from GSU and the field at large.”

Gwen Benson, Associate Dean, Georgia State University College of Education


Hunt“The Hunt Institute commends NCTAF on its effort to ensure that all students have access to great teaching. We are prepared to work with NCTAF to encourage dialogue, mobilize leaders around an action agenda, and help policymakers understand how to streamline resources so that all of our children receive a quality education.”

The Honorable James B. Hunt Jr., Foundation Chair, The Hunt Institute
Former Chairman of NCTAF



“We applaud NCTAF for taking the lead in assembling expert education organizations that support great teaching. Together, we can be sure that those in both policy and practice hear the same message: Now is the time to elevate the profession. The National Board is eager to work with NCTAF and all of these partners on a path to accomplished teaching that improves education for all students.”

Ron Thorpe, President, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


UConn School of Education“We have a responsibility as a nation to rethink how our educational system is designed and to determine the ways in which we can best support our teachers and our schoolchildren going forward. As a NCTAF commissioner, it is my privilege to serve as part of this collaborative effort to develop NCTAF’s Great Teaching Initiative – and to work closely with this team to make recommendations that will have such significant impact.”

Richard Schwab, NCTAF Commissioner & Dean, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut


Read NCTAF’s Great Teaching Initiative press release here.

Watch NCTAF’s Great Teaching Initiative announcement here.

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