NCTAF’s research and publications have positively impacted teaching quality in schools and districts across the country for almost 20 years.  Our research has informed the growth of professional teaching standards, the birth of organizations that strengthen the teaching career from induction to mastery, and the national discussions about methods to encourage and develop teacher knowledge and skills.

NCTAF’s first groundbreaking report, What Matters Most: Teaching for America’s Future (1996), called for “competent, caring, qualified teaching in schools organized for success” and sparked a national dialogue about the importance of high quality teaching.

NCTAF then documented entrenched practices that hinder successful teaching, especially in urban and poor schools, with No Dream Denied: A Pledge to America’s Children (2003). This report called for schools, districts and policymakers to address the chronic conditions that make schools “hard to staff”.

Building on this strong foundation, NCTAF continues to produce in-depth and influential research reports, such as:

Building on our strong research foundation, NCTAF has released numerous articles and policy briefs.  NCTAF is also committed to rigorous evaluation and collecting qualitative and quantitative data about our impact on teacher practice, school change, and student achievement.

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